Out Shop Hunt Prim


2023 Hunt Hints

Find the black Out Shop Cancer shopping bags at participating stores.

Each prize is L$25.

See below for hints. Click on any image for higher resolution AD.

All proceeds go directly to the American Cancer Society.

Happy Hunting!!!!

1. Out Shop Cancer Office – Starting Point
Hint – No attacking me Mr. Pinky!

Out Shop office - Pink Love Quilt Stand

2. [Bunny Love]
Hint – Come Play some games!~♥

[Bunny Love] Adri Shape X Lelutka Avalon

Hint – Look for the Flowers

BE BOLD Hunt Gift

4. .Lunaria.
Hint – Under the Faery Tree among the mushrooms.

.Lunaria. - fairy bonnets pink pic - Laura_s Art By the Sea

5. Splintered Creations
Hint – You can find me here, so many gifts.

Splintered Creations - Autumn Roses Pumpkin Centerpiece OSC_

6. Evolving Images
Hint – Go upstairs of our main store & find the Bavarian Armoire in our Antiques section.

Evolving Images - Fall Leaves Branch Ad 1024 - Denise Hale

7. Psyche’s Pstyles
Hint – Cinderella always lost hers on the stairs

Psyche_s Pstyles - bloom ad pic_001 shoes new - Kelly Lasiter

8. Cotton Blossom Artwork
Hint – Don’t forget to check the mail!

Cotton Blossom Artwork

9. Sugar Coated Studios
Hint – Beyond the gates and into the shadows, we never fight alone. Side by side we walk, side by side we rest.

Sugar Coated Studios - OSC - NFA ad - Kristen Haught

10. Be My Mannequin? Pose Store
Hint – I try to be fair! Honest! But am I the fairest one of all?

Be My Mannequin - Upside Down Ad - Vin Raven-Mysterious

11. Starlight Apparel
Hint – We Love Mega MEGA Stuff!

Starlight APparel- Cob Earrings - Amanda L

12. Adore Amore Fashion
Hint – Protected By a Unicorn!

Adore Ariana Black - Amanda L

13. Hot N Heavy
Hint – I reside amongst mushrooms and tails

Hot-n-Heavy - photo tribal - Ingrid Solvig

14. SLW Design
Hint – SLW Design – Time to be unicorn Hoodie

SLW Design - Time to be unicorn Hoodie - Jennifer Klein

15. Shenandoah – Daughter of the Stars
Hint #1 – Have a seat, relax and look around
See the pink and who is off the ground.
Hint #2 – Seeds must be watered of course
I hide behind a water source.
Hint #3 – So many pretty things to see
Finding the scary is the key

Shenandoah - Hunt Gift 1   Shenandoah - Hunt Gift 2   Shenandoah - Hunt Gift 3

16. [M]ELANGE !NC.
Hint – “Join us on Facebook. Click the ‘f’!


17. La Feminique
Hint – Have a Seat

La Feminique Brit Boo Sheet oscHUNT - Jenny Inglewood

18. InPosed
Hint: Girlfriends give the best support

InPosed - This Kiss - Daria Devilry

19. R4R ~ Run for the Roses
Hint – Beams of light won’t ruin me.

Run 4 the Roses - OSC23HalloweenPJHuntPrizeAd

20. Dench Designs
Hint – Chick Chick Chicken Lay a little egg for me

Dench Designs Hunt Ad

21. Mythmaker
Hint – Find me wherewith the singing strings.

Mythmaker - Garden Party Chair Ad

22. Xpressions Ultd
Hint – Pink Tulips

Xpressions - Avant Top Black _ White

23. Little Big Designs
Hint – A new product was born last year! Playhouses! Find the new one!

Little Big Designs - Playhouse Decor - Ship_s Wheel

24. Dae Boutique
Hint – I Love Popcorn

Dae Boutique Amazonian Skins EvoX Full Body BOM _ Shapes Strides

25. TRS Designs
Hint – Fairies and Unicorns

TRS Designs - Athena Dress With Hud Cancer - Outshop Cancer Hunt

Hint – The Raven keeps the secret


27. Love Everlasting Home & Garden Store
Hint – Open your eyes, it is right there!

Love Everlasting - Animated Pink Lemonade Stand AD

28. Moody
Hint – Bathing in the magical waters and looking at the stars

Moody - wishing star glasses image complete

29. Emi’s Attic
Hint – Here kitty, kitty…

Emi_s Attic ~ Bellia Cami Crop Top Lace Up

30. Lil Monsters Inc.
Hint – Ring Ring Ring Me UP

Little Monsters Inc - Pink Like Boss Shirt

31. Roped Passions
Hint – Elemental, my dear Watson.

Roped Passions Hunt AD

32. Angel Fae Boutique
Hint – Loves Plaid

Angel Fae Boutique Hunt item Autumn Breeze Tiny Ruffles Dress 1

33. .:.Nocturne Skies.:.
Hint – Soft, Squishy, Cuddly

NocturneSkies_Hunt item - Melonberry_AD

34. Shining
Hint: A coin for a wish, Lord Buddha, do you take care of all wishes?

Shining - Nursy OSC - jessica corith

35. Old World Fantasy – Kitty Creations
Hint: You’ll find me at the nearest top of the stairs

Old World Fantasy - KItty Creations Old World Rose Pergola - Pink - Kitty Creations

36. *Salesita’s Creations**SC*
Hint: is hot un there!!

Salesitas Creations Hunt Ad

37. The Bold Llama T-Shirt Co.
Hint – Come inside and check out my trick or treat, treat table!

The Bold Llama T-Shirt Co. BATTY BOO Tee

38. SlayZen
Hint – Look far & wide, for you see, although there is 1 prize there’s 2 places it can be4

Slayzen Hunt Ad

39. Magic Bubble
Hint – Come on in we have no locks, I hide behind the sign about socks.

Magic Bubble Hunt Item

40. Chloe’s Originals
Hint: I keep going up. But I keep cars going.

[Chloe's Originals -MS] MyStory HUD Style OSC

41. Mirror Mirror
Hint: Thank you for out shopping cancer, with your help, we will find an answer. The answer you seek can’t get any clearer if only you find what’s in the mirror…
*Note: There are 2 hunt gifts out, one male and one female

Mirror Mirror Male hun2023-AD-WORK-BODY-ME-TEE-SHORT-WHITE-PACK Mirror Mirror Female hunt ad -2023-AD-WORK-BODY-ME-WHITE

42. Creations Jewelry
Hint: Where the mushrooms grow ’round a tree, there you will find me.

Creations Jewelry hunt ad - pink ribbon bangle

43. Fire Within
Hint: Look where the flying things are.

Fire Within - OSC Hope Tank - Hunt Ad

44. Emerald Couture
Hint: Just so simple on the Pink

Emerald Couture -Tootsie-Outfit-Pink

45. .catori.
Hint: we are better in packs… and we love to howl! I can be found near a howling beast.

.catori. strayeartatts FPAD - Kisic Souls

46. ~Lantian/Flox~
Hint: Check the “sales” area.

~Lantian_Flox~ Moth Pumpkin - Weird Face PINK - HUNT GIFT

47. Tinroof
Hint: If you were going to STAND next to something, what would it be?

TinRoof Leaving Jeans and Sweater

48. TeaLane
Hint: Some bunny that I used to know.

TeaLane - Emma Sweaterdress Skully Ad

49. Grumble
Hint: I’m right here!

Grumble-Out Shop Cancer Hunt Gift-Halloween Tee Wicked Ad

50. Multifarious
Hint: I don’t think I am laundry. But maybe I am?

Multifarious hunt item - Magical bathing Cauldron ad

51. Corgi Poots
Hint: Sometimes a chest is just a chest, but don’t bet on it.

Corgi Poots Softpaws - M_F_A - BoM

52. Cruiznik
Hint: I wonder what’s NEW

Cruizuik - sosearbuds hunt item banner

53. Unique Obsession
Hint: There is a guarded web beyond the moon…

[Unique Obsession] Nibbler - Lunarlicious Ad

54. Trend
Hint: I wonder if you can play games on this computer?

TREND hunt item - Michelle Top _ Leggings Light Pink AD

55. Luova
Hint: Search where generosity and goodwill unite, on the right side’s middle shelf, to uncover your hidden treasure.

Luova - Lyra - Choker - Out Shop Cancer Hunt - AD

56. [QE] Designs
Hint: Foxes are always WELCOME here

[QE Home] Classic Throw Rug - Out Shop Cancer Hunt Item

57. Tastic
Hint: It takes 2 to make a thing go right

Tastic-Spread the Hope Pink Daisy Top Ad

58. Uni-qu3
Hint: Follow the time between Greece and Paris.

Uni-que - Sahel Boots - HUD

59. Rapture’s Enchantment
Hint: The Belly Dancer stepped gracefully onto the sands, her eyes sparkling with anticipation. The sun began to set, casting a golden glow over the bustling market square….

Rapture_s Enchantment - Ancient Bellydance Music Pot Version 2 ADVERT

60. Ari-Pari
Hint – It’s nice and cozy by the fire.

Ari-Pari Hunt Ad

61. Banana Banshee
Hint: Check the corners

Banana Banshee Hunt Ad