Wythburn Art Walk
October 1 – November 1

Second Life residents are invited to explore, enjoy and shop for their favorite artwork at the Wythburn Art Walk being held in conjunction with Out Shop Cancer to benefit Making Strides and the American Cancer Society.
Visitors can stroll or ride the paths (horses are available at the hitching posts or you may use your own wearable one) from the village that leads up to the Raven Craig Art Center. The path is lined with art for sale provided by the following artists:

? Abi (abigail.lemongrass)
?Tour Blanche (aspen.normandy)
?Caly Applewhyte (calypso.applewhyte)
?Darkstone Aeon
?Doddy Meiler
?Filo Tani
?Star (gossamerstar)
?GraciAnne Harte (gracianne)
?Harry Cover (impossibleisnotfrench)
?Jaz (jessamine2108)
?Kαmmγ Pαgε (kambrie.triellis)
?Max (maxseagate)
?ℳ α у α McQueen™ (maya.snowfield)
?Michiel Bechir
?Mirabelle Biedermann (mirabelle.sweetwater)
?Mr Mark Steiner (mrcanoehead)
?Pavel Stransky
?ღpoppyღ (popikone)
?Stevie Morane Basevi (stevie.basevi)
?Tresore Prada Hawkins (tresore)
?Wren Noir (wrennoir.cerise)
?Wildstar Beaumont
?Skye McLeod (skye.fairywren)
?-Jolie- (jolieelle.parfort)


Special event – Selfies contest with the Breastcancer Ninja

Harry Clover (ImpossibleIsNotFrench) is a 3D artist who focuses on engaging people with his art in SL. He created a “statue”, the Breastcancer Ninja, with the idea in mind that they would take selfies while posed with the ninja

To participate in the selfie event

Touch the pink & white sign “Fight Like A Girl”
Accept the contents
A sign
A breast cancer ninja (to take selfies anywhere in SL)
A notecard with the contest info
A notecard to turn in your selfie
Take your selfies
A Flickr link to see the poses – https://www.flickr.com/photos/190376891@N04/albums
Turn in your favorite selfie in the mailbox beside the pink & white sign
Your selfie might be displayed at Wythburn – check back often
After the end of October, the creator of the ninja statue will choose his 3 favorite selfie photos and will give each of those 3 people a unique zapping cancer statue he made

Music & Meet the Artists with DJ Filo Tani

Dates & Time
Saturday, October 3, 10, 17, 24
10am – noon SLT
Various locations around Wythburn

SLurl to the Meet the Artists

DJ Tani will be playing his award-winning music
Between occasional songs, he will read a notecard written by an artist about the artist, their art, their story, whatever they want to share.

Meet The Artists
The Artists whose stories are read that Saturday will be in attendance to chat (text) in local, answer questions, share about their art, how they came to be part of the Wythburn Art Walk, and any place the conversation leads.

Explore Wythburn
Sethos Lionheart has created Wythburn at Thirlmere for people to explore, enjoy, and share. There are all manner of interactive things to find and do, places to sit and enjoy with friends or alone. All the areas were created with the original Wythburn in mind.

A brief history. In 1894, “Conifer clad Thirlmere reservoir, in the shadows of Helvellyn, provides the city of Manchester with it’s water and was created in 1894, when the area was dammed and flooded, submerging the Lakeland villages of Amboth and Wythburn.” The names of places in and around Wythburn in Second Life come from names of places in the original Wythburn, England. There are walking and riding paths throughout the area.

Horse riding at Wythburn
See a horse tied at a hitching rail? Touch it for a list of horses to choose to ride. That horse will rez for you to ride on while you are at Wythburn. Also, you may use your own wearable horse to ride at Wythburn.

Can you find?….

Better than Where’s Waldo…. Can you find these spots in and around Wythburn of Thirlmere?

? The village, shops, a park, and a dock along with the River Greta
? The mill
? The horse barn
? The church
? The ruins
? The cave
? What does the cave give you?
? The Hall of Faces
? The hidden room of magic and spells
? The Raven Craig Art Center
? OSC at Wythburn Fine Furniture

SLurls to get to the Wythburn Art Walk

Art Walk (start in the village park, by the Ninja statue)

There is a path lined with art, that goes all the way across the region.
The Raven Craig Art Center

There is a walking/riding path that extends between those 2 points, meandering across the region. The path is lined with art for sale.

The halfway point of the path is the church

For information about the Wythburn Art Walk, please contact Star (morningstar.finesmith), Wythburn Art Walk Director.