Selfies Contest With the Breastcancer Ninja

Harry Clover (ImpossibleIsNotFrench) is a 3D artist who focuses on engaging people with his art in SL. He created a “statue”, the Breastcancer Ninja, with the idea in mind that they would take selfies while posed with the ninja.

To participate in the selfie event:

*Touch the pink & white sign “Fight Like A Girl”
*Accept the contents:
– A sign
– A breast cancer ninja (to take selfies anywhere in SL)
– A notecard with the contest info
– A notecard to turn in your selfie
*Take your selfies
A Flickr link to see the poses – https://www.flickr.com/photos/190376891@N04/albums
*Turn in your favorite selfie in the mailbox beside the pink & white sign

Your selfie might be displayed at Wythburn – check back often!

After the end of October, the creator of the ninja statue will choose his 3 favorite selfie photos and will give each of those 3 people a unique zapping cancer statue he made.