Defeating breast cancer is essential to each of us on the Out Shop Cancer event team. We would like to share our stories about why this is important to us – and invite you to join the fight as well!

Picture of Sandie Loxingly from Second Life. “My first close encounter with cancer was when I was 16 years old and my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was one of her caregivers. Her grace and strength left a lasting impression on me. I have had so many… too many… friends and family members attacked by breast cancer. My best way of fighting back is to help raise awareness about how common breast cancer is – cancer does not discriminate – and support the American Cancer Society’s goal of raising funds for more research for better treatments and to continue the programs and services that help so many breast cancer survivors and their caregivers. I also fill the role of an advocate by sharing information on screenings and how important it is to know your own body and take control of your health. Your continued support of Making Strides and the American Cancer Society helps so many in ways you can never imagine. Thank you for being part of the fight with me!” ~ Sandie Loxingly – Co-Organizer ~
Picture of Savannah Raye from Second Life. “Why do I Stride you ask? Easy. Volunteering with Strides and Out Shop gives me the chance to help another Survivor or Caregiver. You get to build bonds with those that need support more than ever. You get to build a family, to support each other, whether it be laughing, crying, screaming, venting, or just sitting in silence. I Stride to make a difference in someone’s life, not just my own. I Stride to help find a cure, to fight this evil beast until the end!” ~ Savannah Raye – Co-Organizer ~
Picture of Roxy Chronotis “Helping support Making Strides is important not only for my close friends and family who have been affected but for everyone who has to hear those terrible words. Making Strides is such a fantastic organization that works to educate, fund research, and support those who fight. My love and support go out to everyone who is affected by breast cancer and together, we will make a difference!” ~ Roxy Chronotis – Out Shop Builder~
Picture of Mae from Second Life. “Hi! I’m Mae. I enjoy being a part of Out Shop Cancer because it is an organization that raises money for the Strides against Breast Cancer. I feel like it is an important cause to both men and women that anyone can make a difference in doing their part. I enjoy being a part of this organization both as a designer and blogger. I’m so happy to be serving with a great group of people on the committee this year!”
Cody Chronotis - Out Shop Builder Cody has enjoyed building and modding in SL for years and is excited to be using his skills to support Strides and Out Shop Cancer in the hopes of raising funds for the research, education, and support for breast cancer. ~ Cody Chronotis – Out Shop Builder ~
Picture of Lizzy, Website Design, from Second Life “I’m helping with Making Strides because as a cancer survivor, I understand the importance of cancer research and finding a cure.” ~ Lizzy Austen – Web Designer ~